Additional services

Imperum LTD have acquired the rights to supply the European market software vendors with special devices – Mini USB token (JaCarta JC100), which are used as an issuance of the certificate of digital signature procedures for electronic trading on the electronic trading platform of JSC "Samruk Kazyna", the Republic of Kazakhstan.
To get USB token, send your request to: or contact by phone (371) 675-52-602  (371) 277-98-887.

The application shall include:
1. Name of the legal entity;
2. Legal address;
3. Actual address;
4. Registration number;
5. Bank details (Bank , SWIFT code and account number);
6. Contacts of the responsible employee.

Price (USB tokena - JaCarta JC100) without delivery – 100,- Euro.
We ensure deliveries in cooperation with DHL courier services.

You can get familiarized with the procedure of the digital signature on the website of the Certification Center LLP " laboratory" "Gamma Technologies"