Research base
The basis for marketing researches conducted in the block «Analytic» is the gathered information from the database of Seldon.2010  about procurements, completed contracts, trading platforms and organizations participating in trades.
Using this division you have unique possibility to obtain information about the company of your interest (for example: details of the organization, list of purchases and deliveries, tree of connections and many more).

The amount of information
It is also necessary to take into consideration the fact that the data collection in the system Seldon.2010  has been continuous from year 2006 to the present, which provides plenitude of researches and credibility of the received results.

Reports forms and criteria
Block «Analytic» allows you to make reports in a form and type that is most suitable (for example: statistical reports, analytical  reports, processing of organization's registers and contracts with lots, reports on the planned procurements).

Data visualization
Results can be organized in form of a table, chart, diagram or map with distribution of the districts of Russian Federation.

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