Database of Customers, Suppliers and Contracts
Division "Organization" holds information of the electronic trades’ participants - customers and suppliers, which can be both- state and commercial organizations.

Complaints about Customers
Seldon also provides access to the informative base of the complaints received for investigation by Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russian Federation. Information received by FAS is from all parts of Russian Federation, and thus is a first-rate possibility to ascertain trustworthiness of your partner. Possessing information of complaints from FAS on state customers, their authorized organs, specialized organizations, competitive, auction or quotation commissions, you will be able to take flexible and also economically rational decisions on participating in procurement trade.

Unscrupulous suppliers
Another advantage of the use of the system is the possibility to view information on unscrupulous suppliers, which has been published in the register of Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia. This division allows finding out the details of organizations, reasons for listing in the register, date of inclusion and exclusion, authorized organ, which issued the judgement, conventional price of the accompanying contract and other information.

Tree of connections

Companies, which have at least once participated in trade and are present in the system database, can be linked together. Function "Tree of connections" gives a chart of co-operation of suppliers and customers

Information cards of businesses
The system provides a convenient way to view all the available information on a particular business or organization. Each organization has an individual information card that summarizes information including bank details and contacts as well as the location on the map.



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