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Seldon.Advertisement- a great way how you can inform at once the entrepreneurs of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan of your company and its goods and services. The viewers of advertisements are an active business audience, interested in finding new products, distribution and consumption channels.

Why use Seldon.Advertisement
• The most accurate target audience - more than 13,000 daily users - both customers and suppliers
• Transparent costs - you pay only for the selected period of time, which ensures your advertisement is displayed an unlimited number of times
• Efficiency and control – we will introduce any changes in the information at your request

How it works
Your business advertisement will be seen by all system users, who search for the information on a product or a service in any of the system’s sections.

What kind of information can be placed in Seldon Advertisement
• Company information (name, description of the business, details, contacts, work hours)
• Price list of the represented company’s products or services
• Up to 100 keywords of your company’s offer products or services
• Photographs (except video and audio recordings)


Digital Signature

What is Digital Signature:

In the system of electronic trade, suppliers and customers remotely accomplish tasks connected to announcement and participating in electronic auctions, which entail certain obligations for both parties. The mechanism of the Digital Signature (DS) is used to provide legal proof of these deals. According to the Federal law no. 94-ФЗ, an electronic document, signed with DS, is an equivalent to handwritten, if another normative law does not enforce paper-based signing.

DS is a sequence of symbols that is formed as a result of certain transformation of initial document (or any other information) through special software. DS is appended to the initial document at sending, thus any change of the initial document invalidate the DS. DS is unique for every document and cannot be transferred to another document. Impossibility of DS forgery is provided by the great amount of mathematical calculations necessary for its creation. Thus, at the receipt of document, signed with DS, the recipient can be sure of its authenticity and invariability of the document alternation

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